About Me

“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.”
~ Eve Arnold

Photographer / Designer

Sara Eirew

It’s not the camera but who’s behind the camera.

My name is Sara Eirew. Hopefully my work speaks for itself but just in case if it doesn’t, or if you’re intrigued and would like to know more about the woman behind then lens, then I’ll tell you a little about me and who I am.

Photography and design have always been a passion of mine. I’ve been a photographer and designer for 22 years and have always worked effortlessly to capture the beauty I see.

Another passion I’ve always had was reading. Every time I read a story, my mind always envisions a cover. So, together with my passion, qualities, and my love of reading, I decided to take a shot (pun intended) at creating and designing book covers to coincide and depict the stories that the world has and will come to know and love.

So, within the last 3 short years, I can proudly say that I’ve designed over 400 covers for more than 250 authors, and sold more than 700 pictures. And through it all, I’ve created more than covers, I’ve built relationships to last a life time.

Many of the covers I’ve designed have made countless appearances in not only magazines but on many NY Times, USA Today, and international bestselling lists.
They say that covers don’t sell books but I truly believe that they do help. It is a known fact that people are drawn to things that are visually appealing. With a combination of your words, my photographs, and designs, we can together create a cover that’ll be sure to make your book(s) come to light. A light that’ll be sure to shine, capture, and intrigue readers straight to it.